Keep your clients happy, and your employees happier

By: Emilio Domínguez, Mariana Guevara & Ramiro Soberanis

                                            Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.

This article will serve as a communicational guide plan to maintain your employees happy and achieve in a more efficiently way the objectives of your company. The purpose of this article is to offer the tools to implement a better strategy for your human sources.


Why is so important to make my employees happy?

Happiness is a significant component for people to feel good in life, and knowing the importance of maintaining your employees happy in work is one of the main keys to have a productive business. Every leader has to be aware of the things he can do in order to keep their employees motivated and engaged with the organization and its environment.

A working environment is a place where many people interact in a regular basis. They see each other every day and it is natural that good and bad relations come out of these interactions. Not only being with other people can affect the work environment but also the way in which they are treated by the higher levels.

Manager and secretary working in the officeMost of the time, bosses do not pay a lot of attention to their own employees, they only look for production matters. The problem with this attitude is that employees production is very related to their level of happiness, keeping a good environment at work can be the difference of having a productive business or not.

There are many techniques that can help any business to improve their work environment. To create a more interactive space where people get along and also enjoy what they’re doing. It is always nice to have a good reason to get up early and go to work, knowing that you are doing something important and that someone else is noticing it.


How is it done?

To start changing things for a better environment and a better company, the first thing to do after getting informed is to create a strategic plan of communication and actions to implement. In order to make your employees happy, you have to keep an eye on the following:

  • Keep your team informed

Most of the time and due to its position, business leaders tend to know more about the company than their employees; and because of that is important for the bosses to talk to their employees and maintain them informed about what’s happening on the business, or what’s going to happen; whether it’s the presentation of a new product or a cutting staff, it’s important to don’t forget that they need to know what’s going on in order to create a connection between them and the company.

  • Create careers

Build some developing programs, in order to make a training path for your employees to follow. Why would you do this? Employees tend to leave the companies if they feel that they don’t have opportunities to grow inside it. You should also maintain them informed about the job opportunities inside the company, that way you’ll make them feel like they have a future on the company and it’s convenient for them to stay there.move-people-to-action

  • Flexibility

According to an article of the web page and to Nic Marks, CEO of the britain company Happiness Works; today, time flexibility is an important component that employees are looking when searching for a job, because they prefer to have a date of delivery and choose the time in between to work instead of have a rigid work schedule they can´t choose. Sometimes it’s better for the employees to allow them to choose times, in order for them to feel the freedom of going to a familiar reunion, or seeing their kids at school or go to the doctor, so they could feel happy because their work gives them space to their personal lives, which is the other important part of life.

  • Try social media

Instead of using emails and schedule meetings, you should seek for other applications or media that could help you to get in touch with them under a more relaxed or attractive interface. You have to be careful in order to not break the barriers between the employer and the employee. For example, a group on whatsapp for sharing things could be a very nice idea that could turn into bad if we don’t control the flow of information shared.

  • Make them feel an important part of the company

The employees need to know why their work it important and what’s the purpose of the company and their values.
They will be comfortable if they feel identified with the values and culture of the organization, as if they were in their second home. Make the environment nice and remember them

  • Give them feedback and also ask them to give feedback to you.

issue204_handwritingAs a leader you have to check the work of the employee and tell him how can he get better or tell him that he made a good work. Also once a month you can ask for anonymous messages from employees where they can express the things they would like to change, and also a personal space to say it. They will feel freedom to express and participate in the things they would like to change.

  • Encourage them to take a rest for a moment

A hard day’s work is important but also a good rest. Productivity increases when all the workers have their good free time, it also helps with creativity.

  • Give them all the resources in good conditions to work

Having the resources not only makes work easier, it encourages them and makes them feel in a good place, an important place, where their work is important. If you give someone the tools but in bad shape or not the tools he/she needs, they wont take their work seriously  


Happy companies and… Happy managers?

Yes, they exist! On an article published on the past year we got the chance to read some interesant vacant: Happiness Director. The description of the job said something like: “It’s a requirement for the job to believe that people can be motivated with something else than money”. And actually their job is to make people get along with their coworkers in a more healthy and effective way; some of the competencies required for the job are: leadership, communication, motivation and moral authority.

Actually, even more companies are working to achieve the ideal work environment for their employees; however, not everyone have successful results. TAREANic Marks is one of those persons who worries about the theme of happiness in life, but especially in companies and organizations. He created a company of his own named Happiness Works, which offers the service guide for other companies to achieve that ideal environment they were looking for, in order to make their employees happier with a new and more convenient system with strategies that would finally be reflected in the motivation, creativity, innovation and productivity of the company. The mission of the company is to create a better world of work.

Here, you can see a chart of the Top 5 Happiest Companies in America for 2016:




In conclusion…  

Companies depend on the quality of the workforce the hire, that’s why recruitment process are so exhaustive: because you want to find the best profile to fill that vacancy. If we have hired the best talent for the job, the next step is to maintain the talent; and the tips on this article will help you do that. 

Because; finally, you will create a win win relationship with the people you’re working, and with the information below you will truly achieve it.

By maintaining your employees happy they will:

  • Be more productive: they will be more focused on their work and willing to take more challengesrecruitment-success
  • Become better leaders: t
    he will become more resilient and they’re going to develop some emotional intelligence too
  • Be more
    creative: the will let their new ideas flow and feel confident about them
  • Be more sociable: and more confident with their coworkers

So, what are you waiting for? Apply this on your company and tell us on the comments about the results.

Listen to this TED Talk for inspiration!


Recommended resources:

These are some free courses that current managers can take in order to improve their competencies, as we said before communication, leadership, motivation and moral authority are the key characteristics of a happy manager. 

If you are interested on the most theorical part of this topic, you should check this books:






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