Instagram, best tool for visual communication

Paulina Nova Rodarte

Jorge Barreda Luna

Fernando Winfield Arellano



The objective of this article is to show how fast Instagram is growing and how does this affect the users and brands that are using it to connect them. The social network that is growing as no one else before, is the latest window to put a lot of things together.

At the beginning of 2015, Facebook, in order to grow its social media kingdom, acquired Instagram (IG) by paying cash 1,000 million dollars. Nowadays, a year from this action, the latest app has 200 million users all over the world.

According to statistics, Instagram is the social media that is growing more than any other before, 50 times bigger that Facebook and 20 times bigger that Twitter. Also, it is full of young people, which help brands to connect with them.

It is obvious, a social media with millions of users from every continent turned into a very attractive social media to companies interested on selling their services or products, this is why Instagram is now one of the favorites to do so. Internet is feeding itself from visual content, more than ever before; this is why IG is becoming the number one option.

The latest shows the importance that social media is gaining to share visual content against textual content; nowadays technology is changing the way we act. We want fast and easy information. For this reason, companies should consider the option of Instagram as Digital Marketing Strategy; the act of using hashtags offering valuable content and to give discounts and promotions or sharing contests is transforming the way clients experience the brand.

Instagram has become also one of the favorites social medias of companies due to an easy way to interact with it. We have to consider that it is a tool designed for smartphone devices. It also allows sharing to some other different apps like Facebook and Twitter. The act of giving cool filters and effects, like no other, gives a different look that calls the attention of a user. As a result the number of likes, shares and interaction is bigger than any other.

The use of hashtags; this keywords help notoriety the positioning of a brand, as a result they can reach more users and visitors from every part of the world. To promoting your pictures on Instagram there are a variety of social media networks that you can use to promote your images and build a personal brand.

IG can be connected with Facebook, this will allow your brand to get more known among people. Instagram is growing in users each and every day and now has more activity per day than Twitter. It is important to increase fan base by integrating multiple social media platforms all in one place. Instagram can be easily integrated with your Facebook Fan page allowing more exposure to the page.

In 2016, IG will make a huge advance to companies; they have said that paid-publicity will be available very soon. Now everybody will have the opportunity to announce a product or service, now it is a good moment to invite to all business to be a part of it. This tool will work either for videos or photos.


The following Instagram facts represent the analysis that we are presenting, it also says the importance of creating an account to brands that are specialized on young people:

–  The ten most popular brands on IG are Nike, Starbucks, NBA, Adidas Originals, Topshop, Forever 21, Vans, NFL, Michael Kors and GoPro.

–  The ten brands with the highest number of shared videos are MTV, NBA, Peanuts, GoPro, Miami Heat, Topshop, Starbucks, ABC and HBO’s Girls.

–  The ten brands with the largest numbers of followers are National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret, The Ellen Show, Nike, Forever 21, Louboutin, 9GAG, Starbucks, MTV and NBA.

–  More de 60% of users are outside the U.S.

–  90% of users are between 12 and 35 years old or, 28% of them between 18 and 29 years old.

–  23% of teenagers have said that IG is the favorite social media.

– Brands not found in IG (Mexico): Bimbo, Nescafé, Sanborns, Nestle.

Does your company should have an Instagram account? When IG was born, it was said that the purpose of it was to promote fashion, photography, and design companies, however this have changed and every business should try the app, it has presence all over the world.

Instagram is a social network that is changing the rules of marketing and how people interact between them. In the order hand, it is the cheapest way to sell your products/services, especially if you are trying to promote a museum, gallery or artist. IG is the social media with the highest number of effectiveness and viability.










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